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Listen Seniors


Listen Seniors [sgmb id="1" customimageurl="" ] If you are a senior I'm sure you are noticing some changes happening to your body and to your mouth as well. The aging [...]

Listen Seniors2016-05-16T19:56:43+00:00

Regular Dental Cleanings/ Check ups


Regular Dental Cleanings/ Check ups [sgmb id="1" customimageurl="" ] Most of us know how important it is to have our regular checkups and cleanings done, but do we take this [...]

Regular Dental Cleanings/ Check ups2016-05-13T20:28:36+00:00

Oral Habits


Oral Habits [sgmb id="1" customimageurl="" ] Have you thought of the good and bad oral habits you have and how they can affect you in the long term? Well there [...]

Oral Habits2016-05-13T00:18:23+00:00

Expecting Mother : Dental Advice


Expecting Mother : Dental Advice [sgmb id="1" customimageurl="" ] If you are an expecting mother you should be aware of how your dental health can affect your pregnancy. Knowing and being [...]

Expecting Mother : Dental Advice2016-05-12T00:56:06+00:00

Needle Fear


  If you are a patient with fear of the needles, you are not alone. Statistics show that about 20 million Americans are terrified of needles. Learning about needle phobia/fear [...]

Needle Fear2016-05-11T21:41:46+00:00

Laser Caries Detection Device


Laser Caries Detection Device There is a large amount of people that are affected by dental caries, or that have had dental caries in their permanent teeth. Many of these [...]

Laser Caries Detection Device2016-05-11T21:31:43+00:00

Medication and Oral Health


  [sgmb id="1" customimageurl="" ]Medication and Oral Health How does my medication affect my oral health? Generally, many people take medication to make them feel better, but like most medication [...]

Medication and Oral Health2016-05-04T00:19:26+00:00

Can Stress Affect Oral Health ?


[sgmb id="1" customimageurl="" ] Can Stress Affect Oral Health ? Many people suffer from stress in our lives, and little do we know that, the stress we carry can affect [...]

Can Stress Affect Oral Health ?2016-04-28T23:50:56+00:00



Autoclave Autoclave is a very important equipment in the dental field. An autoclave is used to sterilize re-usable instruments. An autoclave can sterilize solids, liquids, hollows and different types of [...]


Dental Anxiety


Dental Anxiety   We all get a little nervous when have to go to a dental visit, however there are people who in fact have dental anxiety or dental phobia, [...]

Dental Anxiety2016-04-22T21:26:15+00:00

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We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our comfortable, state-of-the-art dental office. We have equipped our practice with advanced technology that allows us to provide many complex dental services, all under one roof, but we have not forgotten what it’s like to be a patient. With sedation options, digital diagnostic tools, and minimally invasive laser treatments, our goal is to make dental visits as comfortable as they are effective and low-cost.

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