Have you ever thought of straitening your teeth without wires or metal brackets? Now there is a clear metal less method that is changing how people are straitening their teeth. Invisalign or clear braces are a set of aligners that are custom made for each patient. Invisalign corrects crowding, gaps, and overbites. invisalign_zps02dedf33

It starts with a dental consultation and your dentist evaluating your teeth. The dentist will determine the estimated length of the Invisalign treatment, and will tell you why he recommends invisalign for you. After your dentist creates a treatment plan for you then an impression will be taken. Along with an impression there will be photos and x-rays that have to be taken. All the gathered information will be sent to the lab. The lab will then create a clin check review. The clin check is a 3D model of your teeth that show the beginning stage and ending stage of the invisalign treatment. Once the dentist approves the clin check your aligners will be fabricated.

The following appointment will be the delivery day. On this date your dentist will place attachments on your teeth. The attachments are a composite resin material same color of your tooth. They are placed in strategic positions that will move the tooth in the position that it was treatment planned. In some instances, if Interproximal reduction is needed it will be done. Interproximal reduction is needed to create spaces, this will allow the teeth to move. The aligner will be delivered along with some instructions.

The Invisalign aligners have to be worn for at least 22 hours a day. It is only to be removed when eating or drinking fluids. After it is removed you have to brush and floss and place the aligner back in the mouth. The more you wear the aligner the faster the result is. To clean the Invisalign aligner, you can use a regular toothbrush and brush the inside and outside of the aligner. You can also rinse it in water but never leave it in mouthwash. The mouthwash or other liquid will darken the aligner.

The pros of having invisalign is that is clear and it’s aligning your teeth into position. You don’t have to worry about any metal in your mouth, or wires poking your cheek. Brushing your teeth and keeping a good oral hygiene with invisalign is easier than traditional braces. The cons of having invisalign is that in order for it to work the patient must wear the aligner as much as possible.Not all patients are candidates for invisalign. If you have any questions regarding invisalign or want to schedule a FREE Invisalign consult, you can contact our Santa Ana Dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari office Smiles on Bristol Dentistry.  /contact-us/