Extrusion is the displacement of a tooth out of its socket. An injury to the tooth can cause partial or total separation of the tooth from the ligaments. This can cause the tooth to become loose or in worse can scenario lose the tooth completely. In a visual examination when there is extrusion in a tooth, it will appear as if the tooth is elongated and loose. In a radiograph extrusion  will show and increased periodontal space between tooth and socket.

The treatment for extrusion will depend on if its primary or permanent dentition. For primary dentition if it’s a minor extrusion under 3 mm the tooth can be reposition or it can be left in the same place of the extrusion. If the extrusion is severe or patient is uncooperative extraction should be considered. If your child just had an injury you can place a wet cloth over the mouth, and take your child to the dentist. If your child is having discomfort ,you can provide relief by giving children’s pain medication.e3-extrusion

Treatment for extrusion on permanent teeth differ from primary teeth. If the extrusion accident is recent is very important to see your dentist as soon as possible. The tooth should be repositioned using slow finger pressure. Your dentist will then use a flexible splint to hold the tooth in position. The splint will be left in place for about 2 weeks.

The patients have to follow post op instructions after placement of splint. it is recommended to eat soft foods for 1 week, trying not to apply to much pressure on the tooth that is injured. The healing will also depend on how well the patient takes care of the site. Brushing and flossing gently and using an antibiotic rinse to prevent plaque and debris will increase the chance of the tooth staying in place.

In some cases in order to save the tooth your dentist will decide if a root canal treatment is needed. An injury is un preventable, but caries and tartar are. If you want to schedule an appointment with our Santa Ana Dentist Dr. Kalantari you can contact your friendly office of Smiles on Bristol Dentistry. Contact Us