If you are a patient with fear of the needles, you are not alone. Statistics show that about 20 million Americans are terrified of needles. Learning about needle phobia/fear is a good first step to getting oral care. The fear of needles has plenty  of names one being Trypanophobia but what does this term mean it is the extreme fear of medical or dental procedure that has to do with an injection or in another words the needle. This being a very real condition it comes with a lot of downs as it puts people at greater chance of skipping regular dental visits. As lightly as this needle fear might sound, it shouldn’t be taken as simple as it sounds as this can take a patient to confronting major stress level and even dental anxiety. This causes patient to stop seeking dental and medical attention when needed.

Learning about needle phobia can be a good first step into getting the professional dental care that is needed. What are some symptoms when having needle phobia or fear? The feeling of fainting, nausea or even dizziness and sweating are some of the signs. The increase of rapid heart rate, also if there is difficulty before a dental appointment. Not only are these the symptoms of this condition but others such as feelings of panic and a violent resistance when at a dental office. Studies not only show the symptoms of this condition but also reasons behind why this fear might have some underlying issues from the past experiences with needles.fearofneedles-hypnotherapistcork

To help overcome this condition of needle phobia or fear there are some things you can do to address before visiting your dental or medical office. A major key into this can be building courage before the dental visit and allowing yourself to perform some exercises such as breathing exercise, even counting up to ten. For children who fear the needle you can bring his/her favorite toy to use as a distraction. Other techniques for kids are singing songs which can help keep their minds away from what they are thinking and keeping them relaxed. Speaking to your dentist before starting any procedure is helpful as he or she can talk to you and help you overcome this fear you are having. Before coming into your visit surround yourself with supportive family members and friends who understand your condition, if helpful bring someone with you as support to your regular dental visits. This are some ways that can help you with the needle fear which can help you. If you have any  questions or concerns please feel free to contact our friendly Santa Ana dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari at Smiles on Bristol. Contact Us