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If you are a senior I’m sure you are noticing some changes happening to your body and to your mouth as well. The aging process is a process that everyone has to go through at some point in life. At this point many seniors might think it’s not worth taking care of their teeth as much as they used too, but remember your teeths/ mouth health is your overall health. Therefore, you should always be taking care of what matters like your health. With all those changes happening you should be aware of what is normal and what is not to help determine if there is something to be worried about or not.

What are are some oral health changes you should expect for an aging mouth, a common changes for seniors is tooth wear. Why is this ? Well after so many years of using your teeth to chew and bite it is normal for your teeth to start to wear out. As we all know everything over time it wears out and this goes the same way with teeth. Seniors who suffer from a condition called bruxism are more likely to have tooth wear at a faster rate. The apperance of darker tooth color is another change you might see in your teeth as the aging dentin tends to hold stains easier making your teeth look darker than their normal stage. Gum changes are also in this list as gums with the time tend to recede and move away from teeth/roots making the tooth as a whole more vulnerable to tooth decay and sensitivity to hot or cold. Tooth decay also known as cavities are not left behind as we age as we are losing the minerals that made our teeth strong making them a perfect target for bacteria to store and create a caries.seniors

Other changes that if you are experiencing are not normal and should be taken into a serious note are the sudden start of tooth loss, as we know dental cavities and gum disease are a number one reason to leading tooth loss but a with a good oral hygiene and your regular dental visits your teeth should last you a lifetime. Dry mouth is another change some seniors ght experience due to the reduced flow of saliva, saliva is needed to help lubricate the mouth and also help neutrilize acids from acidic foods that can produce plaque. Dry mouth can also be a consequence of medical conditions that can have that side effect. If dry mouth is untreated this can cause tooth decay in the long run and also tooth loss. Another condition you should take note on are bleeding gums, bleeding gums can be a sign of gum disease. This disease is produced from build up plaque that has been left over the years. Mouth pain is also in this criteria, if you are having mouth pain make a quick dental visit to be examined and check for any sores that can be a signal of a gum disease or even oral cancer. High at risk, seniors who are heavy drinkers or smokers are at higher risk of obtaining oral cnacer.

If you have any of these abnormal changes going on don’t hesitate to make a quick dental visit to make sure you are getting the proffesional help you are in need of. Continue with your good oral hygiene and your 6 months dental visits to ensure the health of your mouth. Remember you can help your aging mouth by putting some of part and brushing and flossing daily! Seniors please feel free to contact our Santa Ana dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari at our office Smiles on Bristol if you have any concerns about your dental health.Contact Us