Oral Habits

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Have you thought of the good and bad oral habits you have and how they can affect you in the long term? Well there are things that you are doing on a day to day basis that you have never thought can be affecting you. Some bad oral habits that you should be avoiding are using your teeth as tools, using a hard bristle toothbrush, eating too many sweets on a daily basis, and let’s not forget not brushing and flossing properly. These bad oral habits can lead to having a bad oral hygiene that with time will cost you, your teeth. Unfortunately many people have these habits on a day to day basis causing them not only tooth decay but also gum diseases, tooth discoloration , and bad breathe, all leading up to tooth loss.
When having bad oral habits not only are your teeth going to have consequences but also your bite can change as loss of teeth is occurring the remaining of your teeth have all the pressure taking your smiles to a drastic change. Furthermore your self-esteem is another one to take a hit as bad breath starts to appear, also tooth discoloration this can bring anyone’s self-confidence down. Other serious problems that can come with bad oral habits are gum diseases and tooth loss. Swollen, red, inflamed, and sensitive are some sign for gum diseases. To be able to break this cycle of bad oral habits, we should start practicing good oral habits, such as tooth brushing correctly using a tooth brush with soft bristles or bristles that accommodate to you, and flossing daily. Bad habits are hard to get rid of, but with the practice and determination anyone can break through these bad oral habits. By flossing at least once a day daily, this helps remove plaque and food particles that the tooth brush bristles can’t reach to keep your gums in a healthy shape. Also, brushing at least twice daily or after every meal to help was out any food particles or any acids from food left over from food. By doing this and having your regular dental visits you will learn to break through the bad oral habits you are having. bad o habits
Don’t forget to have a balanced diet giving your body what it needs, remember your mouth and body are all connected to have a good overall health you should take care of your teeth. Avoid using your teeth as tools to open objects or chewing on ice cubes even pencils or pens. By avoiding this bad habit and the others your teeth will be in much better shape than before. Be sure to change your tooth brush regularly before tooth brush bristles grow old. Keep the good oral habits and kick the bad oral habits out! If you have any questions or concerns regarding good or bad oral habits please don’t hesitate to contact or friendly Santa Ana dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari at our office Smiles on Bristol.Contact Us