Working with Children

Taking a trip to the dental office should be fun and easy and not stressful. Here at Smiles on Bristol Dentistry we take into a great responsibility to make the young ones feel like they are in a safe environment and allow them to feel comfortable. A dental assistant has the duty from beginning to end. From the primary responsibility to help assist during a dental procedure to sterilizing the instruments. Not only that but also applying dental sealants, varnish, and fluoride to our kids. As an assistant the responsibility doesn’t stop there, we are also responsible in educating the little ones and their parents about their proper oral hygiene; how to brush and floss their teeth on their own. child_teeth

When children arrive at a dental office it is visible when they are anxious. However, starting a bond with the children from the beginning allows them to feel comfortable and minimizes the stress level they are carrying. By having them do relaxation techniques such as; deep- breathing exercises, counting their fingers this and other methods can be helpful. When young patients see the exam chair their stress level rises despite that there is a way to bring that stressful moment down, by having them seat on the chair and letting them know what the instruments in the room are. For example, when you show them a mouth a mirror and allow them to see how harmless it is they will feel the informed and allow building a trust. When sitting on exam chair another way to help manage stress is by chatting with the young patient and or simply playing a movie for them this will help to distract them and lower their stress level.

The trust in the dental office should be given from the beginning to the end to allow a more peaceful environment for the patient. By using methods that can lower the stress levels both young patients and parents can achieve a successful trip to the dental office. At Smiles on Bristol is it our goal to take care of our you patients allow them to feel comfortable and minimize their stress level by building a trust bond between us and the patient. All these methods such as counting fingers, deep- breathing, watching videos or movies, chatting with them and keeping them informed will allow stress free environment for your little ones. If you have any questions feel free to contact our friendly Santa Ana Dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari at our office Smiles on Bristol Dentistry. /contact-us/