Dental X-rays are very important part of a dental exam. Dental X-rays help the dentist see any problems that are going on, on your teeth, gums, and jaws. They can detect problems like tooth decay, periodontal disease, and impacted teeth. They can also detect more severe problems like bite problems or even tumors. Most of these problems are not visable to the naked eye, and therefore x-rays are taken. There are different types of x-rays that the technician take so the dentist can give a better diagnostic.

The most common type of x-ray is a bitewing x-ray. The bitewing x-ray shows how the posteriorXray-blog7 teeth occlude.In a bitewing x-ray only the crown part of the tooth will show.In this type of x-ray the dentist can check for decay in between the teeth.Decay in between the teeth is very difficult to diagnose without and x-ray. This type of x-ray can show if there is severe bone loss, or how the upper and lower teeth line up. 4 bitewing x-rays are taken in an initial full dental exam.

Another type of dental x-ray is a periapical x-ray. Periapical x-ray show the entire tooth from the crown to the end of the root. Periapical x-rays are used to help dentist diagnose for impacted teeth, abcess, bone loss, cysts, or fractures. 1395401009_5These x-rays are also taken in all intial exams and are usually 14 periapical x-rays for adult  first exams.

Occlusal x-rays are not so common but are taken in some occasions. This type of x-ray show the floor and roof of your mouth. These are use to find extra teeth in the mouth or jaw fractures. Panoramic x-rays are taken when starting orthodontic treatment. Panoramic can detect impacted teeth, abnormalities, cysts, or abcess.

At Smiles on Bristol Dentistry in Santa Ana we take digital x-rays. Digital x-rays are safer to use than traditional x-rays. The reason for it requires less radiation and less exposure time. We have up to date x-ray machines and require all our staff that operate the machine to be licensed. Our goal on Smiles on Bristol is patient safety. If you have any questions or concerns regarding dental x-rays, please feel free to contact our Santa Ana dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari, or our office of Smiles on Bristol Dentistry.  /contact-us/