Tooth Erosion

Acid erosion is caused when acidic drinks that are consumed on a daily basis. These acidic drinks cause the wear out of the surface of the tooth enamel. Acidic foods/drinks such as, soda, orange juice, wine, sport drinks and other fruity drinks will soften the tooth surface and wear it out making physical damage to the tooth. The practice of good oral hygiene and your daily eating habits will make a difference when tooth enamel starts to wears out. Having poor diet will cause the tooth’s outer surface to wear out as substances are breaking down the outer layer of the tooth which in time leads to exposing dentin. If dentin is exposed and ongoing poor nutrition or bad eating habits continue this will also lead up to decay on those weak teeth that have been “eroding” with time.tooth_erosion


When vomiting your stomach releases acid into your mouth if this happens frequently the exposure to tooth erosion is higher. Furthermore, not only will the consumption of acidic foods and drinks lead up to erosion, but also eating disorders such as acid reflux disease and bulimia. Our mouths have a very important job to provide nutrients to the rest of our body. Our health begins from our mouth and teeth that is why we should take care of our oral hygiene.


In consideration that many food such as fruit contain a portion of acid in them, our mouths are able to take in acids due to our saliva neutralizing small amounts of acid which also help to demineralize and strengthen the tooth. However, too many acidic drinks such as soda, wine, or other sweet beverages if they are drank in an ongoing daily basis it will cause tooth erosion. If any of these acidic beverages are taken it should be with moderation and not on a daily basis. After consuming any of these acidic food or drink do not forget to brush and floss teeth immediately.

Some signs for tooth erosion are: sensitive teeth, tooth discoloration, teeth appearance rounded or transparent. In more advanced stages of tooth erosion you might see dents within the tooth and tooth gum line and also cracks on tooth surface. If not taken care of tooth will disintegrate and also surrounding teeth.2838475843_8f0f3134b4

There are many ways too taking care of your health and your teeth. Don’t forget a healthy you starts by your mouth, have a good daily eating habit and brush and floss after your meals. If you think you might have any of the symptoms above make sure to contact our office Smiles on Bristol. Tooth erosion can be prevented by a proper diet and a good oral hygiene and don’t forget to get your twice a year dental checkup. If you have any questions feel free to contact our friendly Santa Ana Dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari at our office Smiles on Bristol./contact-us/