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In our recent blog we talked about patients that do not schedule dental appointments because they are terrified of needles and dentist. They miss appointments and jeopardize their health, avoiding the dentist and creating more of a problem in their oral health. This is dangerous especially when there is periodontal disease involved. Periodontal disease has to be taken care of A.S.A.P. and the way you treat periodontal disease is with a deep cleaning. For the deep cleaning also called SRP, local anesthetic is involved. The reason why the local anesthetic is involved is so that the patient doesn’t feel pain when the dentist or dental hygienist is removing calculus from below the gum level. What if I was to tell you that in Smiles on Bristol Dentistry in Santa Ana there is a way to do your SRP (deep cleaning) WITHOUT local anesthesia?

So imagine getting your teeth cleaned without feeling your cheek or face numb. There is new method called oraqix. Oraqix is a needle-free subgingival anesthetic, that is used on adult patients that need local anesthetic in periodontal pockets during deep cleaning. Oraqix comes in a gel form, and it’s a combination of lidocaine and prilocaine, when combined they create an anesthetic effect. The oraqix gel is applied to the patients gums and pockets of the teeth and in as little as 30 seconds the patients begin feeling the effect. The anesthetic effect begins to wear off in about 20 minutes of when applied, it can be reapplied as needed.oraqix picture

Oraqix is not for every patient. It is not recommended on patients who have hypersensitivity to local anesthetics or that are taking medication with methaemoglobinaemia. It is also not recommended patients that are 18 years old and younger; or not for any other dental treatment other than SRP (deep cleaning).It is a good idea to let your dentist know of the medication that you are taking. If the periodontitis is severe it’s recommended to talk to your dentist to see if oraqix will work for you. So if you want to try the needle free system feel free to contact your friendly office of Smiles on Bristol Dentistry. Contact Us