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Malocclusion has been shown to be a number one reason why patients are diagnosed with tooth decay and build up plaque and other similar problems. This condition of malocclussion is the imperfect positioning of the teeth. How might this affect your dental health ? It can affect in many ways as your bite will irregular for one problem that can come out of this would be tooth decay as having a bite off can make your daily oral hygiene more difficult than it should be. How can a malocclusion be adquired? This condition can be adquired from many habits like thumb or finger sucking, premature tooth loss from either an accident or dental disease and also several medical conditions. Not only can malocclusion come from these habits or medical conditons but also, from just genetics such as extra teeth, impacted teeth, abnormally shaped teeth, pacifier use beyond the age of 3 can be all causes for a malocclusion.

Oral hygiene can be difficult when malocclusion is present as teeth are in misalignment within the two dental arches. This causes for oral hygiene to be a challenge for some as tooth brushing can become more difficult and flossing can for some seem like an impossible. With that in mind many people with this condition can begin with negligence when it comes to oral hygiene due to having some sort of difficulty but, this should not be the case. A good oral hygiene should always be a good number one priority for people as it has been shown your overall health does depend on your dental health. Unfournatelly, malocclusion is not preventable but can be minimized by controlling such habits as mention before like finger or thumb sucking for example and other habits similar. To treat this condition you should visit your dentist to see what he decides it’s best for you. For most with overcrowded teeth it can be treated with orthondontics, also often tooth extraction can be necessary. However, for others treatment can be different surgery can also be an alternative for those who have underbites or overbites.malocclusion

With all this in mind malocclusion can affect as far as you can let it affect when it comes to your oral hygiene. It can be a harder task to brush and floss but it can surely be accomplished. Prevent from obtaining tooth decay or dental plaque before it is too late by brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day. If you have this condition of malocclusion don’t hesitate to visit your dentist if you have any questions or concerns about treatment for malocclusion such as orthodontics or other treatments. Please feel free to contact our Santa Ana dentist Dr. Danial  Kalantari if any questions or concerns regarding malocclusion at our office Smiles on Bristol.Contact Us