What is an intraoral camera? An intraoral camera is a small pen looking video camera that serves the purpose to obtain an image of the outside of the tooth or gum. Everyone has had dental x-rays taken at a point in their life’s therefore we all know what that looks like. Those dental x-rays help Dentist see what the inside of our tooth looks like and to diagnose from any pain we are having. However, what do these intraoral images help for? Well these intraoral images help to show patients a real life time picture of what is going on with their teeth.

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Many patients have misgivings when it comes to dental diagnoses that have not been accompanied by any pain. With the use of the intraoral camera you can easily be shown an image of tooth decay or cracked teeth. Most people believe in the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Which is true once we see something that we had not been able to see before, we tend to take action on what is going on in our body and our teeth. For patients it is great to be able to see what is going on it makes them feel informed taken into consideration once they see it with their own eyes. This allows patients to commit to treatments which they had thought of unimportant before.


This diagnostic tool has been around since the early 1990’s, it has been a great tool and it will continue to be by the use of your dentist to give you the answers to all your questions and any other concerns the intraoral camera is also a fantastic educational aid for all types of patients from adults to children. It will educate them about their own health within the oral cavity and allow them to feel more comfortable about any treatment/procedure being done to them. Technological advances are happening all around the world and they are happening here too at your Smiles On Bristol Dental office. Don’t hesitate and find out what technology our friendly Santa Ana dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari has at our office of Smiles on Bristol Dentistry./contact-us/