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Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth
Brushing and flossing daily is very important to maintain beautiful teeth and smile. We’re going to talk about some habits that affect your teeth. Some are very common and people sometimes think nothing of it. The negative of these habits can affect or damage your teeth.
Choosing the wrong toothbrush and brushing too forcefully can damage your teeth. Choosing the correct toothbrush is very important, the recommended toothbrush is a soft bristled toothbrush. Avoid medium or hard bristle toothbrushes, if these toothbrushes are use with force they can cause your gums to recede and cause teeth abrasion. Brushing and flossing twice a day should be sufficient, if brushing more than twice a day it can also cause gum recession or teeth abrasion.
Nail biting or chewing ice can also damage your teeth. Nail biting can cause chips or fractures on the teeth. This is cause by the pressure or force you place on your teeth when you bite down on the nail. Chewing can have similar effects on your teeth but can also cause sensitivity. If you have the urge to chew you can try a sugarless gum.
Sugary foods or drinks have a very negative effect on your teeth. Sugar increases the risk of tooth decay. It is important to brush or rinse after having any food with high sugars. Sugars not only affect your teeth but also your general health. Try to limit the amount of sugar that you eat.
For children sleeping with baby bottle or sippy cup with milk, juice, or baby formula can affect their baby teeth in a major way. The amount of sugar that is in those drinks can cause cavities on all the baby teeth.  Try not to let your children get use to sleeping with a bottle, if your child still drinks with sippy cup or milk try replacing with water.
Grinding your teeth can cause your teeth to wear. This can cause the enamel to wear down and exposing dentin-causing sensitivity on your teeth or discomfort. Grinding your teeth can also cause your teeth to chip or break from the pressure of the teeth contacting each other. The best option for bruxism or teeth grinding is a custom-made night guard that protects your teeth from wearing or chipping.
All of these are habits that we sometimes are unaware of. If you have any questions regarding this topic you can contact our Santa Ana Dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari, or your friendly staff of Smiles on Bristol Dentistry.Contact Us