Embarrassed about your Dental Health


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Have you been putting up your dental visit because you’re embarrassed? You shouldn’t be, at your dental visit you won’t be judged so there is nothing to worry about.If thinking about having a dental visit you are on the right path to getting started on a good oral health, great job! You might think that because you don’t visit your dentist regurarly or you don’t have a regular dentist you are going to get lectured when having your next dental visit, but that is not the case. What your dentist is here for is to help you have a better oral health and keep you in tip top shape with an optimal smile.

Having your regular check ups is usually recommended twice a year, why ? This is usually recommended due too dental plaque that can start to build up through out the six months or even tooth decay that can begin to form. By having those check ups regularly that will prevent from further problems. There are many reasons why you should be having your dental visits regularly one being caries, caries can be stopped before it becomes at greater problem by using a dental filling. Also, your dentist can be the first to spot any serious problems such as oral cancer, gum disease, or any other systemic problems that can be taken care of as soon as possible with a dental treatment. It is your dentist mission to maintain your oral health at a stable and not lecture you about oral health decisions from the past. Your dentist knows that your health is more important than any other lecture he can give you.embarrased

Most importantly your oral health is what your priority should be and not any other worries. Your dentist will work to achieve any goal you set for yourself when it comes to your health. As you are on the right path prepare yourself to address any problems and continue with a good oral hygiene. Allow your dentist to be in the loop if there are any concerns or questions you might be having. If your next dental visit is coming up prepare yourself for a positive step in your dental and overall health. If you feel like you have any questions or concerns before your visit please be sure to contact your Santa Ana dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari at our office Smiles on Bristol.Contact Us