Dental Health With Crooked Teeth

Dental health with crooked teeth, there are many reasons why peoples teeth grown in crooked or misaligned. Some people’s mouths are too small for their teeth, the limited space causes the teeth to shift position and become crooked. There are some cases where the upper and lower jaw aren’t the same size which causes to form an over bite or under bite. When baby teeth or adult teeth come off at an age where they shouldn’t, it causes spaces to close and permanent teeth grow misaligned. Misaligned or crooked teeth can also be heredity.

With crooked teeth it’s very difficult for a patient to clean properly between the teeth. This may increase the chance of the patient to have cavities in between the teeth or build up to grown in that area. Misaligned teeth also create pressure on the jaw, because the way the teeth occlude is not correct. This can also cause teeth to break, if the pressure is constant on a tooth. Crooked or misaligned teeth can also hurt a patients self esteem.

The way you fix crooked or misaligned teeth are with orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment begins with a visit to your dental office. Your dentist will need to do a general exam, after the exam your dentist will determine if you have to visit an Orthodontist or can be done in office (if your office offers orthodontic treatment). Your Orthodontist will need records of his own, so x-rays will be taken with impressions and photos of your mouth. With this information the orthodontist can create a treatment plan for you and depending on the severity of the case the longer you will use braces.before-after-02

Depending on the case, your orthodontist can align your teeth with traditional braces or the Invisalign method. The traditional braces are placed in the teeth, and with wire your teeth begin to move in the position that your orthodontist wants your teeth to move to. With Invisalign it works with a set of aligners that are custom made to your teeth, and with time the aligners begin to shift your teeth to move into the desired position. At Smiles on Bristol Dentistry we do offer the Invisalign method to our patients if needed.

After your braces or Invisalign your treatment isn’t complete. You need a set of retainers to maintain the teeth in the aligned position. Once your teeth are aligned the risk of developing dental cavities, periodontal diseases, and broken teeth minimize. If you would like a free orthodontic consultation you can contact your friendly office of Smiles on Bristol Dentistry, or your Santa Ana Dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari. Contact Us