Dental Bone Graft

Bone graft is a procedure done to build bone on the socket to keep the gums, soft tissues, or bone from resorbing . Bone graft is usually done when a patient is trying to replace a missing tooth , and wants an implant with a crown placed. Some patients do not have enough bone to Screen-Shot-2011-10-19-at-3.47.43-PM-238x300support an implant. There are many factors that affect the bone loss or resorbing such as gum disease, injury or trauma, spaces left empty after tooth extraction, and wearing dentures for a long time. If you want an implant placed and do not have enough bone nor it’s wide enough you will need a dental bone graft procedure with other treatments like sinus lift, or ridge expansion. If the bone graft procedure isn’t completed there is a higher chance for the implant to fail, or in some cases the dentist will not place an implant without the dental bone graft procedure. The most common types of dental bone graft that can be placed are autogenous bone (your own bone), and synthetic bone. The type of bone graft that will be used depends on the location and severity on the bone loss. Autogenous grafts are usually take from the patients chin, hip or other areas of the body. The healing for autogenous graft material is much faster than the other type because there is live bone and contains elements that enhance bone growth. This type of bone graft procedure is also more expensive than the others. Synthetic bone works as good as autogenous grafts materials. Synthetic bone is much easier to place since it comes packaged and is ready to place. The procedure is done with local anesthesia and you find the best results after a tooth extraction. After the tooth extraction the socket is cleaned and the graft is placed along with a membrane that keeps the graft in place. After the bone graft procedure is completed it usually takes 6 to 9 months for an implant to be placed. This time will give enough time for the bone to adhere and tissues to grow back. After the procedure your dentist will usually prescribe some antibiotics, and pain medication if needed. If you have any questions regarding dental bone graft please contact our Santa Ana dentist Dr. Kalantari or your friendly staff of Smiles on Bristol Dentistry. /contact-us/