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Santa Ana CA Dentistry On Healthy Gums & Healthy Heart!

A study from Forsyth and Boston Universities has uncovered a direct link between healthy gums and a healthy heart.  Periodontal disease, gingivitis causes inflammation in the gums, but is also linked to inflammation in artery walls.  This vascular inflammation causes strain on the heart which can lead to an increased risk of potentially deadly heart disease.

While many people address concerns of smoking, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes in regards to protecting their heart from heart disease, it is also time to start paying more attention to oral health.  The study tested an oral treatment to reduce the inflammation caused by gingivitis which was not only effective on the inflammation of the gums but also with vascular inflammation.  Taking the time to care for oral health could be the difference between a healthy heart and heart disease.

Bridge and Crown Procedures at Santa Ana Smiles on Bristol Dentistry

When it comes to restorative dentistry, Santa Ana Smiles on Bristol Dentistry in Orange County proudly offers all the best and cutting edge treatments for your entire family. Just a few years ago, root canal damaged teeth or teeth with deepening cavities were covered with metal materials which didn’t enhance a person’s smile appearance. Modern procedures have made restorative dentistry easier and more aesthetically pleasing, as is the case with crown procedures offered by Smiles on Bristol Dentistry.


Dental crowns are “caps” that completely enclose a tooth that has been damaged by a root canal procedure or when a large cavity has threatened the overall health of the tooth and surrounding gums. Crowns are created by taking dental impressions and secured with FDA approved dental cement, and now are made with porcelain and ceramic materials to better reflect the look and feel of natural teeth. Crowns last an average of 10 years but can maintain their longevity and function with proper preventative dental hygiene such as flossing and teeth brushing. When crowns are not enough and a permanent tooth must be removed, Smiles on Bristol Dentistry offers implants and dental bridges to take its place. A dental implant is a surgical procedure during which metal is fused to either your jaw or skull bone so that a bridge may be adhered to it. Dental bridges have the look and feel of real teeth and can greatly enhance your overall oral health and appearance. Santa Ana Smiles on Bristol Dentistry, located conveniently in Orange County, near Orange County Airport and South Coast Plaza, is proud to offer the best procedures and can treat people of all ages as a certified family dentist.

Santa Ana Smiles On Bristol Dentistry | Dental Veneers By Professional Dentists

In Orange County, plastic surgery is no longer the taboo subject that it used to be. More and more patients go to see their doctor’s to perfect their imperfections.

Sometimes the procedure and results patients seek are obvious and sometimes they are not. One of the least noticed procedures, yet most effective in enhancing an individual’s look, is actually done by a dentist and not by a plastic surgeon!

What is this amazing procedure?! Dental veneers!


Modern cosmetic dentistry has made many advances in the last decade, providing for more options for patients. Veneers are a great choice for not just those who need them for dental problems such as, but also a great procedure for those looking for a picture-perfect smile. Veneers can help if you have crooked, chipped or broken teeth, if you are missing teeth, or if you’re just not happy with the color or shade of your teeth. Veneers are also a great option for those who would prefer a new smile!

Veneers provide not just a beautiful natural tooth appearance, but they are stain resistant as well. Generally, veneers do not require as much extensive shaping and work like a crown, yet they’re just as strong and just as reasonable to choose.

Trying to decide if veneers are right for you, call for a consult ASAP!

Santa Ana Orange County Pediatric Children Dentistry | Smiles on Bristol Dentists Specialize on Pediatric Dental Work


Our Trusted Dentists Providing Pediatric Dental Care for Your Children and the entire family

Santa Ana Pediatric Children Dentistry

From the time Dr. Kalantari started Dental School in Europe and Mexico, to the time he opened his practice in Santa Ana, Orange County, he has spent a large portion of his career caring for children’s teeth. Aside from the fact that working with his young patients has taught him patience and understanding, he sees teaching young children about dental care as a very important part of growing up.
When children begin to visit the dentist early on, they not only learn how to properly care for their own teeth, but they learn that a visiting the dentist is really nothing to fear.
Smiles on Bristol Founder Dentist Dr. Kalantari can’t say it enough, that by the time a child turns one, it’s the right time to bring them to the dentist.

He encourages that parents start caring for their baby’s teeth during infancy just a few months after birth, before they actually begin to teeth, which is at about six months. After a feeding, it’s a good idea to gently wipe the baby’s gums with a soft damp gauze. Cleanliness is extremely important, so be sure to dispose of the gauze after each wipe.

Commonly, the first two teeth to come through are the front teeth. This generally occurs around the 6-month mark. However, as every child is different, a slight delay in teething is not a cause for concern. Once the teeth begin to appear, parents can begin using a child’s soft-bristle toothbrush to clean their baby’s teeth daily. Regular cleanings after feedings are also encouraged to maintain oral health.

By the time a child is three years old, they will have almost all 20 primary teeth. There’s no doubt they’re little look cute, but parents must keep in mind that they’re still susceptible to cavities! Parents are advised to begin flossing their child’s teeth when two teeth grow in next to each other and touch.

Dr. Kalantari advises parents to also monitor their child’s food intake. Sustaining a healthy diet is also important to avoid cavities. Children should be encouraged to choose nutritious foods to further prevent cavities.

Our dentists in Santa Ana, Orange County, provide next-generation dental care for the entire family including the children….

Preventative Dentistry Key to Overall Health by Smiles on Bristol Dentistry | Dentists Who Care


Preventative measures taken to maintain oral health are beneficial for people of all ages and can even reduce your risk of overall body health problems. According to Santa Ana Smiles on Bristol Dentistry in Orange County, there are many daily steps you can take to maintain your oral health along with quarterly to annual dental office visits. Smiles on Bristol Dentistry is a family dental practice and therefore will see all the patients in your family.

Santa Ana Dentists

Daily teeth brushing with fluoride tooth paste, regular flossing, and rinsing with mouth wash are easy steps you can manage at home to engage in preventative dentistry. Even the daily food intake and diet has an effect on your dental health – the more acidic food, the more damage to your teeth. It is important to teach children early on the importance of oral hygiene and preventative dentistry so they can grow up to have strong healthy teeth. Preventative dentistry is great for all ages, but especially children as they are growing and developing healthy adult teeth.

Maintaining preventative hygiene also includes quarterly or annual office visits for more through cleanings so your dentist can take x-rays to further examine your teeth. Smiles on Bristol Dentistry Santa Ana is a family dental practice and can therefore see you and your children to make the process easier for everyone. Because oral hygiene is connected to overall body health, preventative dentistry is important for preventing the risk of getting secondary health problems. Visiting your dentist at least once a year can greatly reduce your risk of cavities, enamel wear, gum disease, and other periodontal problems. Smiles on Bristol Dentistry Santa Ana is one of the best family dental practices for preventative dentistry in all of Orange County. We are located within a few minutes of drive to Orange County John Wayne International Airport as well as to South Coast Plaza and 405/55/5 freeways.