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Canker Sores


Canker sores or also known as aphthous ulcers are small ulcers that appear in the oral cavity. Canker sores are usually around 1 cm and appear in oval or round shape with a red border around them. These ulcers usually develop on the soft tissues of the mouth or at the base of your gums. The place where the sores appear sometimes makes it difficult for the patient to eat and talk normally.

The exact cause of canker sores is unknown. It is thought that simple canker sores may be related to stress. Citrus or acidic fruits and vegetables can also trigger a canker sore or make the canker sore worse. Minor injuries to the mouth may also cause canker sore, some examples are sharp tooth or a sharp or broken dental appliance. canker-sores-picture

Some common symptoms of a canker sore are tingling or burning sensation on the place where the canker sore is located. Pain or discomfort on the site of where the canker sore is located, it can be in the soft palate, inside the cheeks, or the roof of the mouth. In some cases, fever or swollen lymph nodes may be present.

Canker sores usually heal within a few days, and the sores starts to disappear in a week or two. Keeping the area clean and brushing and flossing to keep the area from plaque or bacteria. If there is discomfort or pain from the sores you can decrease the pain or discomfort by gargle mouthwash or salt water. If you visit your dentist, he can prescribe you antimicrobial mouth rinse or an antibiotic.

Canker sores and cold sores are not the same. Cold sores also known as fever blisters are groups of fluid filled blisters that cause pain. Some differences are that cold sores are contagious and canker sores aren’t. Cold sores are caused by virus and the known cause for canker sores are unknown. Cold sores usually appear outside the mouth, around the lips, nose or chin, while the canker sores occur inside the mouth.

It’s a good idea to contact your dentist if you have a canker sore or sores lasting longer than 3 weeks, unusual large sores, a high fever when the canker sore appeared. If you would like to schedule a free dental consultation with our Dentist in Santa Ana Dr. Danial Kalantari please feel free to contact your friendly staff of Smiles on Bristol Dentistry. Contact Us