All I can say is that I now like coming to the dentist, they always make you feel so welcomed. Dr. always makes sure that all you concerns are answered too and leaves you with no doubts about your treatment. Staff is also very nice and attentive. I do for sure recommend this office. - Aylin J.

I ended up coming here by mistake but it was truly a blessing. I have always stayed away from the dentist because I hated it. As soon as I was greeted by Dr. Danial I felt comfortable because he knew exactly how to explain to me what was wrong with my teeth. Dr. Danial and his staff have really made me feel comfortable and welcomed every time I come here. I recommend them with anybody I know that have a dental problem. - Juan S.

My deep appreciation for excellent services that I have received from Dr. Danial Kalantari a young brilliant, multi-specialist at Smiles on Bristol Dentistry. This is my citizenry duty at least to the neighborhood, which deserves to be more aware of existence of such a gold standard expert in their back yard. Dr. Danial with the most joyful atmosphere worked for me. Thank you doctor and best wishes.-Seyed R.

I am new to this office and there's only 1 thing I can say, they are amazing!!! Best dental office and best dentist I've ever been to! Today was my second visit and I'm done with my treatment and getting ready to start with my Invisalign. Will definitely recommend everyone to make this your dental office! I am one happy patient! - Alma C.

Dr. Kalantari has always done a great job for me. Their clinic is clean and upgraded with modern equipment. Great location and easy parking as well... Thank you.

— Sheena R.

Thank you Dr. Kalantari and your friendly staff! Everything was great from the knowledgeable staff to the quality of your treatment. I recommend Smiles on Bristol Dentistry to anyone looking for a great dentist....

— Maryam K.

I truly enjoyed my visit today. Dr. Kalantari and his assistant were very professional.

— Miriam A.

What a great location! I work in South Coast Plaza area myself, and the office was easily accessible and around the corner.

— Roozbeh V.

 Great experience. Thank you Dr. Kalantari

__ Jose G.

Having a chipped tooth is never fun.   Not only is dealing with the pain and embarrassment of the tooth a hassle, but it means an extra trip to the dentist.  Opinions on going to the dentist vary, but almost no one wants to have to schedule any more appointments than the standard biannual checkup – most people even try to skip out on the standard two appointments a year.  Trying to find an appointment to fit your schedule, sitting endlessly in the waiting room for your doctor to be ready, anesthesia shots, drilling, filling, and pain do not really spell out a fun trip.  Not to mention the strain to your wallet that comes with unexpected dental procedures.

All that being said, I have to say, my dentist, Dr. Kalantari of Smiles on Bristol Dentistry in Santa Ana is truly amazing.  When I called to make an appointment, the process was fast and easy.  His receptionist was sweet and knowledgeable.  I told her about my chipped tooth and, despite their busy schedule, she managed to get me an appointment right away.

When I arrived at the appointment, the waiting room was bright, clean, and friendly.  I signed in and almost before I had even sat down, they called me back for my procedure – no waiting!  After so little time in the waiting room, I expected more of a wait in the back, but within minutes, Dr. Kalantari came in to evaluate my tooth.  Unlike some dentists who seem to speak only to their assistants and give off a constant air of impatience, Dr. Kalantari made it a point to take his time and explain everything to me including what his recommendations were for treatment and why.  Not only were his explanations comforting, but he has a great sense of humor too.  With the stress of my chipped tooth, his humor did wonders for putting me at ease.  During the procedure, he took every care to make sure I was comfortable and before I knew it he was telling me we were all done.  He handed me a mirror and my tooth looked good as new.  Even my bill at the end was much less painful than expected.

Overall, if you’re looking for a dentist that does amazing work and makes you forget you’re at the dentist, give Dr. Kalantari a call.

___Koz Khosravani